Data and traffic migration

A service outage is a key factor for damaging a business public image. With the modern development of cloud computing, hosting and service providers, even a reasonable and controlled downtime is becoming undesired approach for many businesses.

However, there are specific cases where this cannot be avoided, if it is not planned carefully. There is a special category for a lot of those cases: migrations.


A migration is the process of moving data, service or traffic to new location. That might be as simple as moving to new virtual server. However it might be something quite complex as well. Like changing cloud, hosting or service providers.

This migration process normally requires some downtime - deploying the new infrastructure, syncing the data and redirecting the traffic. Such procedures are usually performed outside of working hours. However, sometimes this is not possible - too much data to be synced, the system is always live and so on.

With proper planning such migrations are sometimes possible even on live systems or during working hours without interruption.

Our expertise

We have experience with migration processes:

  • DNS records, servers (i.e. Bind9) and services (AWS Route53, Google Cloud DNS and similar)
  • From one cloud provider to another
  • Entire servers (with traffic redirection / no downtime)
  • Data migration (S3/object storage, disk, application specific)
  • Application/service and configuration
  • Complex setup with multiple service replications
  • Scaling: from single service to multiple copies

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