Backup and archiving

The second most important component of a system or a service after its security, is its information backup and recovery policy.

Backups are essential to prevent data loss during hardware and software failure or if security breach occurs. Even with cluster configurations and high-availability, where systems and services are replicated in multiple copies, having a good backup and recovery strategy is considered a good practice. The exact approach and tools used in a backup policy highly depend on the software and data involved, but setting up regular and automated archiving or replication of data is usually mandatory.

Our expertise

The solutions we can recommend and provide will depend on the technologies and data in question. We have experience with variety of software, scenarios and complexity like:

  • automatic and scheduled backups
  • incremental and partial backups
  • automated cleanup and retention of old archives
  • databases backup and restore (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and others)
  • backup automation implementation (shell scripting, Ansible and others)
  • backup scheduling implementation (cron, systemd timers etc.)
  • complex systems data (files) archiving
  • data replication
  • archiving and automation to S3 (object storage)
  • compression and storage optimization
  • backup success/failure monitoring
  • git(Hub) repository backup and mirroring
  • and others

Do you want to plan your backup and recovery strategy?