Security evaluation and hardening

Why security matters

Security is crucial part of every system and business. Neglecting it might cause financial and reputational damage. It can also create additional problems. To name a few:

  • data loss
  • malicious software infection (i.e. ransomware, malware, keyloggers, spyware and so on)
  • credentials leaking
  • denial of service
  • further spread to other systems

With the widespread of software everywhere around us, the chances for security issues are getting higher. Especially when security is not taken into account from the initial planning of a system. With security, the rule of thumb always must be to make it as hard as possible for a potential vulnerability to spread further. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Sometimes software default configuration or firewall settings might be too weak.

What we offer

The idea behind our security evaluation and hardening package is to examine your systems and to suggest improvements to security where needed. The extent of the examination is defined by you.

It could be a simple external scan followed by recommendations for tightened firewall rules. Or it could be detailed investigation of your internal security policy and operations under your supervision.

We will provide a summary of what was found during the investigation, the recommended fixes for you to implement, why they matter, and to what they might lead if not implemented.

In additional followup task, we might agree to implement the recommended security fixes for you as well.

Our expertise

  • users and groups security and restrictions
  • files and permissions restrictions
  • per process restrictions
  • user command-set restriction
  • shell restriction
  • remote access restrictions
  • access control list restrictions
  • cloud and server firewalls
  • DDOS attack protection
  • traffic encryption (TLS/SSL, HTTPS, SSH etc.)
  • data encryption (GnuPG, AES, OpenSSL, GnuTLS etc.)
  • disk and filesystem encryption
  • email encryption (S/MIME, GnuPG)
  • secure data erasure
  • traffic isolation
  • network and host separation
  • virtual private cloud (VPC)
  • virtual private networking (VPN)
  • security education

Do you want to find out how secure is your current setup?

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