Data and traffic encryption

Security is the most important part of computer systems. Having an up to date security policy is one of the key factors for keeping a system or service secure and operational. Encryption together with firewall are the two components that probably make up to 80 percent of the security strategy, followed by access controll and monitoring.

Enabling encryption by default guarantees the security of your data and the data of your clients. With the help of mathematical operations and functions, encryption makes your data and traffic accessible only to the desired parties. You have already used encryption probably without knowing it. In recent years a website with secure connection is the default setup and HTTPS (HTTP over TLS/SSL) is almost everywhere.

Encryption however is not limited only to HTTPS. Almost every Internet protocol can be encrypted directly (TLS/SSL) or with the help of VPN to protect your data in transit. Encryption is also applicable to data at rest - this could help protect your data even after breach in security. However, encryption cannot solve every problem and the exact solution and approach should be considered for every case individually.

Our expertise

  • traffic encryption (TLS/SSL, HTTPS, SSH etc.)
  • data encryption (GnuPG, AES, OpenSSL, GnuTLS etc.)
  • disk and filesystem encryption
  • email encryption (S/MIME, GnuPG)
  • secure data erasure
  • virtual private networking (VPN) encryption
  • traffic routing and tunneling over encrypted connection
  • and more

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