Website speed-up

What is website speed improvement and why website speed-up is needed?

Website speed improvement (or optimization) is a process of tweaking a website structure and/or components to make it load faster on end user devices.

In the present world we are all surrounded by information. Attention (initial) span is reduced to few seconds. Keeping the interest of customers to a website is crucial for success. Your website speed helps a lot for that. Especially on mobile devices.

Search engines are more and more focused on mobile-first indexing as well. Having your website optimized to serve the useful information fast, improves its user experience and ranks it better in search engines. All this helps to keep your existing customers satisfied and gaining new ones.

Is it hard to improve your website speed?

There are lots of factors to consider when improving the speed of a website. Although the process is not rocket science, it requires effort and learning. There are general rules to follow to improve website loading speed, but usually such effort depends on the specific implementation.

Is website optimisation really need?

Generally, yes. Also: it depends. Developing and maintaining a website is contiguous process. Errors can be made, previous improvements might become obsolete.

Often a simple caching might just be the answer. In other situations the whole process of improvement, might require step by step investigation and implementation of various fixes - both server and client side.

To point some examples:

  • Database queries optimization
  • Server load optimization
  • JavaScript runtime optimization
  • Number of HTTP request optimization
  • Third-party modules consideration and optimization
  • Image and CSS optimization
  • Caching and compression

We have experience in improving website speed of real businesses and observed the improvement they gained in bounce rate and increased customer base. We can make an assessment for you as well.

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