Cases when you need consulting

There are situations where you have your internal team, they have experience, but the task ahead is quite new or might require steeper learning curve. It could take your team more time to research and solve that problem.

Sometimes you might just need another opinion to reassure that the chosen solution will be the best for the problem.

In other situations, outsourcing the entire task and its solution may not be desirable for security or other reasons. Or you might not have the budget to outsource the entire task.

Our solution

For such cases we provide consultancy. We could discuss possible solutions for your tasks, or make a quick research and advise on the benefits and drawbacks of the available options. We could estimate the cost, stability and scalability of different solutions.

What you will receive

We will schedule one or two initial meetings to discuss your current setup and the issues you are facing. If we have the expertise for the problem, we will offer you a price per hour or a package with fixed hours. Additionally we will provide an estimation of the expected time for consulting and research.

When you are billed, you will receive a summary for the worked hours and all the sources used for the research in addition to the invoice.

Our expertise

We have experience in various fields in IT

  • Cloud providers and computing

    • Google Cloud
    • Digital Ocean
    • Hetzner
    • OpenStack
  • High availability and load balancing

    • Cloudflare
    • Cloud load balancers
    • HAProxy
    • Multiple server copies setup
  • Provisioning, configuration and automation

    • Ansible
    • Shell
    • Cron / Systemd timers
    • CI/CD

      • Gitlab CI
      • GitHub actions
      • CircleCI
      • Jenkins
  • Security

    • GNU/Linux OS level
    • Cloud level
    • Firewalls
    • Encryption

      • TLS/SSL
      • SSH
      • VPN
  • Monitoring

    • Prometheus
    • Alertmanager
    • Nagios / Icinga2
  • Backup and archiving
  • Quality assurance

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