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Debian and Debian based systems

Debian is one of the oldest GNU/Linux distributions. It is widespread, secure, stable and easily managed. Debian supports more than 20 hardware architectures (ports), but only around 9-10 of them are considered official. The software available in Debian comes in the form of precompiled packages and they are over 59000. Manly because of its vast hardware and software support, we offer installation, update and upgrade services for Debian and some Debian based distributions.


We provide installation, update and upgrade services for the following distributions and components:

all variants
Only installations from main (no contrib and non-free components).
Only installations from main and universe (no multiverse and restricted components).


We support different installation scenarios and methods:

  • hardware (server, desktop, single-board computers)
  • virtual machines (cloud, custom/local virtualization setup)
  • physical/on-site install (USB, CD/DVD)
  • remote install (IPMI, iLO, DRAC, PXE)
  • net-install
  • debootstrap
  • single machine
  • multiple machines (potentially with additional Ansible automation).

The installation includes one-time full initial setup of a basic system. Additional software setup is negotiated separately.


We offer one-time and regular updates for Debian and Debian based distributions. All availble software updates will be pulled from apt sources and will be installed. For basic systems this usually is straight-forward. However, for (more) complex setups this might require some initial estimation and planning depending on the deployment on top of the base OS and the amount of pending updates.

The service includes critical (security) and non-critical updates.


We offer upgrade from one (stable) version of a distribution to another - usually from older to newer version of the same distribution. This is usually needed when the older versions is close to its end of life, and support for it is not provided anymore.

The service includes multiple version upgrades if they are necessary according to the documentation of the distribution. Every version upgrade is billed separately. For example, an upgrade of setup that is two versions behind the current stable version, will usually require two upgrades.

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