In addition to our installation and update services we offer configuration and management of software in Trisquel, Debian and Ubuntu distributions. Although Debian and Debian based distributions are easy to install and maintain, specific software running on top of them requires advanced level of knowledge. Sometimes in-depth detail and expertise are even mandatory to setup and operate specific services.

We have experience in setup, configuration, automation management and fine-tuning trivial and complex systems on top of Debian (based) distributions. From simple web servers to complex clusters with detailed monitoring and alerting.

What we offer

  • consultations related to configuration and setup
  • one time configuration/setup
  • education related to specific software configuration and/or management
  • configuration automation
  • deployment and setup automation
  • complex integrations and configuration
  • long-term consultations/support
  • security setup and security policy implementation
  • managed servers

Topics and servers we have experience with

  • Apache2
  • BIND9
  • SSHd
  • DHCP (isc-dhcp, dnsmasq)
  • Prosody
  • ejabberd
  • EMQX
  • HAProxy
  • custom systemd services setup
  • cron and systemd timers scheduling
  • traffic and port forwarding
  • PXE
  • and much more

Do you need assistance with server setup and configuration?