Frequently asked questions

What services do you offer?

We provide system administration, DevOps, automation and education services.

Do you offer support for GNU/Linux distributions?

We provide installation, maintenance and packaging services for Debian and Debian based systems like Trisquel and Ubuntu. Generally we do not work with other distributions, although we have some experience with Fedora/CentOS/RedHat, Slackware and Gentoo.

What is your pricing policy?

We are flexible and will take into account the complexity of the project, its duration and your budged. Generally we will offer a price per hour or package with fixed hours.

Can you help with X?

Our current focus is mainly GNU/Linux system administration, DevOps and related tasks. If we have the expertise with the topic in question or it will require little effort to get familiar with it, we might consider such project. However we prefer not to loose our main focus.

What is free software?

Free software is software that does not restrict its users (people, businesses, organization etc.) from using the software as they wish. Users of free software are able to run it, change/edit it and share it without limitations. Free software is a matter of liberty not price.

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What is open source software?

Open source software shares a lot with free software, but does not focus on the ethical and philosophical side - the user freedom. It is more focused on the technical and the practical side. Supporters of open source software, usually promote it with arguments similar to the following: the lack of restrictions (on editing, sharing etc.) open source licenses provide, result in better and stable software that benefits more users. This of course is true, but it misses the bigger picture.

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