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About us

History Librerama Ltd (Librerama EOOD / Либрерама ЕООД / Librerama) is privately held limited liability company with focus on free and open source software technologies, solutions and services. The company was established in January 2020 in Bulgaria, EU.

What we do Our current focus are system administration and DevOps services based on free software and open source software. We also provide education on topics like GNU/Linux, system administration, DevOps, CI/CD, automation, security and others.

Mission and motivation Librerama was created because the centralization (cloud and services) of the Internet in the last decade paves a dangerous road for the future. Our goal is to provide full control to our clients over the technologies they are using and teach them how to be self-sustainable or at least to not rely on a single provider. We believe that end clients (or more broadly - users) should have control over the software stack they are using. By empowering more companies and technical people with skills and knowledge we hope that the future of technology will be more decentralized and more accessible to everybody.


Expertise in the whole spectrum of IT

Ivaylo Valkov is the founder and manager of Librerama. He has more than 15 years of technical experience in almost every corner of IT - support, development, QA, system administration, DevOps, project management. Ivaylo has a master's degree in computer science and bachelor's degree in automation technologies.
Ivaylo Valkov
Founder and manager