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Rocket science precision for less complex tasks.



    Grow your potential

    with the help of our expertise


    Learn about security, system administration, DevOps and more with us.

    High availability

    Scale services or migrate servers and cloud providers with limited downtime.

    System administration

    Get help with GNU/Linux, cloud, DevOps, CI/CD, automation & more.


    Improve security with data and traffic encryption, restricted access & firewall.

    Our know-how can improve your skills and business

    And you choose to what extent

    One-time consultation When another opinion is needed to confirm that a solution will be the best fit for the problem. Or when looking for a possible solution to a problem.

    Multiple discussions For more complex issues or integrations that might require in-depth discussions about the available options, their benefits and downsides, research and recommendations.

    Education When you need dedicated training with practical experiments and examples, extended beyond the detailed explanation delivered with every task or consultation that we provide.

    One-time task For simpler or straight-forward tasks where you might need external know-how.

    Complex integrations In cases where more advanced setup is involved, with multiple components that require fine-tuning, in-depth knowledge of software behaviour and configuration.